Crossword Puzzle

You can print out the crossword puzzle below and write in your answers to the clues. Just place your mouse over the word „ANSWER“ at the bottom of this page to see the solution to the puzzle.

1.  This medicine can be used to make you vomit.
5.  These 8-legged insects can give you a nasty bite. Stay away.
  7.  This is what to say when your friends want you to taste
something, and you don’t know what it is.
8.  This substance might be found in paint chips and can make
you sick.  Don’t eat these chips.
  9.  This liquid is good for cars, but would make you feel bad if
you drank it.
10.  To read the label on a medication, you need these to see it.
11.  Poison ivy, poison oak and mosquito bites can make you
feel this.
12.  Taking pills that are not prescribed for you could make you
feel like this.
13.  A long slithering reptile might give you one of these, if you
get too close or touch it.
17.  Make sure you always know if these can be used to clean
you or other things.
18.  If you can fill in all the answers to this puzzle without
looking at the answers, you will have passed a __________
about your knowledge about poisons.
19.  These products can be used to kill bugs, but don’t get them
on your skin, in your eyes or mouth or nose.
22.  You might get sick if you eat flowers that might be found
in this place.
23.  ___________ _________ of the reach of children.
This is a warning often found on many household products.

  1.  This substance can make your hair clean and shiny, put don’t
drink it!.
  2.  800-222-1222 is the phone number for the _____________
Center located nearest to you.
3.  Take good ___________ of yourself!  Always use gloves
when using household cleaning products.
4.  It is fun to color pictures with these, but don’t put them
in your mouth.
5.  Some foods can become ___________, and not be any
good for you to eat, if you leave them out of the refrigerator
for too long.
6.  Taking too much medicine might make you feel ________
12.  Don’t play near or bother bumble bees, wasps, hornets or
yellow jackets, because you might wind up getting these.
14.  These insects can be big or small, red, brown or black, and
sometimes they can bite you.  You might see one of them at a
picnic, or if you leave unwrapped food out on a counter.
15.  These flying mammals might have rabies.
Stay away from them.
16.  This is another word for mushrooms.  If you eat them,
they might make you sick.
20.  Using this might make the wall a pretty color, but don’t try
to taste it or drink it.
21.  You might get bad tummy _______________ if you try to
drink cleaning fluids or liquid products found in the garage.