Word Scramble

Can you unscramble these words related to poisons?
All of the words have a clue written below to help you
discover the word.

  1.  SBAELL _________________________________
These should be on anything containing medicines and
household products.

  2.  PINSOO TREECN_________________________
This is where you should call if an accidental poisoning
  3.  SIVMATNI ______________________________
You only take these once a day.  They should be kept
out of reach of children.

  4. RBRSIEE___________________________
These taste great when they are bought from the store,
but don’t eat these if you find them on a tree or bush.
They could be poisonous!

  5.  VSGOLE________________________________
These should always be worn to protect your hands when
using cleaning products.

  6.  OOIPNS  VYI ____________________________
If you touch this, you’ll be „itching“ for a cure.

  7.  SOGLAIEN______________________________
This will help a car run, but will make you sick to your
stomach if you drink it.

  8.  NEIMDCEI______________________________
This can make you well when you are sick, but it may
make you sick if you take it when you are well.

9.  SATPEOHTTO ___________________________
This can help your teeth stay clean, but don’t eat or
swallow it.

10.  FUPMEER _______________________________
This may make a person smell nice, but if you drink it, it
can make you sick.


1.  Labels
2.  Poison Center
3.  Vitamins
4.  Berries
5.  Gloves
6.  Poison Ivy
7.  Gasoline
8.  Medicine
9.  Toothpaste
10.   Perfume